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Longines Replica Watches: Gorgeous Classy Watches

Longines replica watches issue from a unique trajectory for a high quality watch maker. Founded by Auguste Agassiz in 1832, and presently part of the Swatch group, its winged hourglass logo is the oldest registered trademark for any watchmaker in the world. With a passion for precision the first copy Longines watches went on to become the instruments that were unsurpassed in their precision for measuring time.

Longines - long 'lasting involvement in sports began in 1878 with the first chronograph manufactured by Longines. Longines gradually built a special relationship with the world of sport becoming the official timekeeper for world championships in sport and with international sports federations. Present in Athens in 1896, the company has been closely associated with the worldwide development of sport, timing Olympic Games fourteen times, beginning with Oslo in 1952. This partnership drove the company to devise a variety of inventions and developments enabling it to determine and display winning times. Besides Equestrian sports, tennis, basketball, baseball, where Longines became the timepiece of choice, it was the official supplier since 1919 to the International Aeronautics Federation (FAI), Longines providing the watches required to set and then certify numerous world flight records including Charles Lindbergh's 1927 first nonstop solo crossing of the North Atlantic which lasted 33 hours and 30 minutes. As well Amelia Earhart is another famous pilot who depended upon fake Longines watches.

Consequently throughout the long illustrious history of Longines replica watches instruments designed and built for absolute precision, these replica watches have assumed a critical role with world explorers and trailblazers of the skies.

If sports and elegance is your thing then wearing one of the Longines replica watches will align you with a lineage of time pieces which defined the accurate measuring of world records in a wide variety of sports. From the very first copy Longines watches to its Conquest VHP (Very High Precision) calibre introduced in 1984 -the first thermo compensated quartz movement to use digital count adjustment. The Longines replica watches set new accuracy standards with a variance of only +/ - 12 seconds a year. Thermo compensation uses a highly sensitive thermometer to measure the ambient temperature and slightly adjust the frequency of the quartz oscillator, to compensate for adverse effects on timekeeping caused by temperature fluctuation. In 1972, Longines was the first world watchmaker to introduce a LCD-display watch on the consumer market. Then during the 1980s there were a series of ultra-thin designs following another world record of the best Longines replica watches in 1979 - the thinnest quartz watch called the Feuille d' Or (Leaf of Gold) - only 1.98 mm thick.

With the aristocratic and precision family of Longines replica watches, there was a time when even a person of reasonable means could not afford to own one of these exquisite time pieces. Certainly the cost of the original Longines is out of range to any but the most wealthy pocketbook - but with fake Longines watches these astonishing watches are within reach of the average person. Our best Longines replica watches are identical to the original in craftsmanship, materials, and lifespan.